Three Instances Where Concrete Lifting Is An Absolute Must

Concrete lifting is a special service of concrete contractors. It is a common solution to a number of damaged concrete problems, but it is not the solution for every concrete problem. The following examples show where concrete lifting is an absolute must. 

Your House Is Turning into the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The famous Italian campanile of Pisa almost has nothing on the downward sloping angle of your home at the moment. This is a very serious problem for houses because the concrete slabs and foundations on which they reside support all of the weight of the structure above. If the slabs and basement foundations break and sink at an angle into the surrounding soil, they will take your home with them and break the foundation walls in the process. Lifting the concrete of the slab or basement foundation prevents the fracturing of your home's walls and prevents more serious and costly damages to your home. 

An Aquarium at a Zoo Is Leading to a Dangerous Situation

Many times the walls of an aquarium at a zoo are made from concrete. They have to be very solid to hold tons and tons of water and sea animals. If the concrete slabs on which they sit begin to break and sink, water could begin to leak by the hundreds of gallons. There would be a lost of animal life, and the potential for major injury to any zoo visitor that happens to be in the way when the aquarium walls give way completely. Lifting the concrete here, and patching the walls as much as possible, preserves the aquatic environment for sharks, whales, dolphins, orca, and fish that all share the living space in this tank. 

Earthquakes Have Placed Skyscrapers in a Dangerous Predicament

For the most part, modern skyscrapers are constructed to withstand earthquakes, but not all earthquakes happen in expected quake zones. The skyscrapers that are either much older than fifty years, or the ones that are far from major fault lines that suffer major damage when an unexpected quake occurs closer to these structures, have a lot of damage that only concrete lifting can fix. By lifting the concrete under and around these buildings very slowly and very gently, the damage in the skyscrapers can be remedied. Then it just takes some patch work, some new glass, and some welding to fix the worst of the damage in these buildings.