4 Tips To Improve Your Renovations And Remodeling With A Concrete Core Drilling Service

One of the things that often get overlooked when planning major renovations is the repairs and improvements needed for concrete. You may need to have structural support added, repairs done, and cutting for mechanicals. Concrete services can help with many of these tasks when doing major remodeling projects. Here are some tips to improve renovations and remodeling with concrete core drilling services:

1. Core Drilling to Make Changes to Plumbing and Pipes

The plumbing and pipes from mechanicals like drainage for the foundation will require the most concrete preparation. It may be unavoidable to have concrete cutting done, but to reduce the mess and work needed, concrete core drilling services can be used for the installation of many pipes that need to go through foundation walls or concrete slabs.

2. Concrete Coring to Test the Strength of Old Structural Elements

One of the problems that you may run into with older buildings is outdated designs that do not meet modern building standards. If you are making changes to the load bearing points, you want to make sure that the materials are strong enough to support loads. You will want to have cores done to test the strength and makeup of existing concrete.

3. Add Footings and Load Bearing Points with Concrete Core Drilling

Sometimes, after concrete cores have been tested, you may need to improve the structure with footings for load-bearing points. Concrete cores can be removed to allow you to add sufficient footings and do other improvements to support the weight of structural loads above. This is a much less intrusive solution than cutting to update footings that support the structural loads above.

4. Preserve Structural Integrity with Core Drilling for HVAC and Other Mechanical Systems

In addition to supporting structural loads, you will also want to cut for mechanicals without compromising the structural integrity of a building. When installing mechanical systems like HVAC and electrical systems, concrete cores can be done to make holes in concrete walls without compromising the structure. This is due to the fact that cores are circular and evenly distribute the weight, which is different from convention concrete cutting and square holes that can compromise the strength of load bearing points.

These are some tips to improve your remodeling projects with the help of a concrete core drilling service. If you have mechanical systems that need to be planned and require concrete preparations, contact a concrete core drilling service for help.