Painting Or Sealing Your Concrete Surfaces Or Floors

Commercial and industrial spaces are commonly built with concrete and steel construction because it is durable and easy to maintain. The focus is not on what it looks like as much as making sure that it is strong and will last a long time. When it comes time to make it look good, there are a lot of options depending on the use of the space. If your primary concern is durability, paint or sealing the concrete might be the best way to go.

Paint and Preparation

If you are considering painting the floor, walls, or both, there are some things to consider. Paint for the floor needs to be more durable than that used on the walls because of the traffic across the floor. If you are operating forklifts and other equipment inside the space, you need to take that into consideration. The paint will not standup near as long with machinery driving over it day after day so maintaining it and repainting will have to happen more often. The surface you are painting needs to be free of dirt or any contaminants that might cause the paint to not stick to it. Check it over thoroughly to be sure there is nothing on the surface even if this is a new space that has never been occupied. Even leftover dust from the construction process can become a huge issue for your paint if it is not removed.

Choosing The Right Paint For Your Needs

There are a lot of different types of paint available that can be used on concrete. Some of them have epoxy in them to make them hard and durable, some have traction additives, and some are very similar to basic paints used in your home. Which one is right for your project depends on the results you are seeking. Because these can often be large projects, you might want to have a commercial painting come and give you an estimate for the job. If you decide to use a contractor for the paintwork, discuss the paint options with them so that you get what you want on the floor or walls. They may suggest something that is not on your list of options as well. Make sure you ask questions if you are not clear about the process as well.

Sealing The Floor

In some businesses, they may opt to just seal the floor with a clear epoxy finish. There can be many reasons for doing this, but one benefit is that the clear finish will not look bad as it wears. With tinted paints, the color will start to disappear in areas with high traffic. The reason is the paint is slowly wearing off, and the concrete underneath is showing through. Sealing the floor with a clear sealer puts a stop to this. If you have a lot of client traffic through your shop and you want to keep things looking nice, this can help improve the appearance of the floor.

Contact an industrial painting service for more information and assistance.