Adding A Gravel Driveway To Your Property: Three Things To Know

A gravel driveway can be a convenient, low-maintenance option for your home, but before you install one, there are a few things you should take into consideration. With the help of your contractor and these helpful tips, you can create a beautiful driveway that adds beauty to your home.

Allow For Proper Drainage

While it may seem like you simply need to place a layer of gravel down to complete your driveway, the process is a bit more complicated. You'll want to make sure that the land the driveway sits on is properly leveled and allows for water drainage. If you don't take these steps, the gravel can wash away, leaving you with a muddy driveway that doesn't provide the traction needed for driving. Your contractor can help you to find the right placement for your driveway's path, and he or she can also level the ground wo rainwater flows properly.

Add A Border

Driveway gravel is loose, which means it can be moved from the driveway's path onto your yard. Adding a border to the driveway can help to keep your gravel in place and prevent small pebbles from ending up on your lawn where they can damage your lawnmower. You can create a border with cement blocks, concrete pavers, or wood planks. Your contractor can help you to install the border as part of your driveway project, as this will typically be put in place before the gravel is put down. If you do choose a border, consider matching it to the border you may already have for your sidewalk to create a cohesive look.

Invest In A Weed Barrier

If you put gravel down on soil, you may run into problems with weeds growing through. This can take away from the overall look of your driveway while also displacing the gravel. To prevent this, invest in a weed barrier. This barrier looks like cloth, and it is put down before you place your gravel. It prevents weeds from growing through, keeping your driveway looking neat and free from plant life. You may already be familiar with weed barriers if you have a rock garden near your home, as these barriers are also used in similar types of landscaping applications.

Your contractor can help you to find the right types of driveway gravel to use, and he or she can help you to design a driveway that meets your personal tastes. Whether you want a winding drive or a traditional straight path, you can use gravel to create a beautiful addition to your property. To check out what kind of gravel you should use on your driveway, contact companies like Hanson Aggregates.