Renting A Crane? Use These Tips

If most of your construction projects don't require cranes, it's natural that you'd rent one when you need it. However, without experience renting and using one of these heavy machines, you could easily make errors that cause costly, delay-inducing problems on your work site. Read these tips so that renting a crane will help your business rather than hinder it.

Have a Consultation

It's vital that rental company personnel make their way to your project site to give some advice about the equipment you'll need. If you're not using cranes all the time in your work, it's possible that you could make incorrect guesses about the type of machine you require. If that happens, the rental company will still likely charge you for the costs associated with transporting the machine to and and from your site. To avoid unnecessary costs like that, a consultation, preferably on your site, is wise.

Ask for Operators

If you're not absolutely sure that you have licensed personnel who can operate whatever crane you're renting, ask for an operator or two from the rental company. Most companies have contacts or staff members they can send along with the equipment. Even if you do have licensed operators working for you, it still may be best to ask for an additional operator, particularly if they have more experience with the machine being used.

Clear the Site

If you're able to carve time out for clearing the site before the crane's arrival, that would be a smart move. Rental companies will sometimes have their own staff clear the site of bushes or trees before the crane is used, but this will end up costing you a bit more money. Your staff can tackle this before the crane's delivery. Of course, if you need the additional help, having rental company staff take care of clearing out the site can be a welcome thing.

Schedule Well

It's not enough for the rental crane to be delivered to your project site; you've got to have a definite plan for how things will go. You don't want the operator standing around for hours while other work is done, for instance. Ensure that you and your employees have worked out a strict schedule to maximize the time available so that there aren't delays or hours of idle time.

The use of these pointers should enable a good experience with your rented crane. Discuss your project in more detail with local rental companies so you can be more sure that you can get work done easily. Visit a site like for more help.