Thinking Of Replacing Your Driveway? Tips And Guidance For You To Consider

When you have a driveway that seems to be falling into disrepair, you might find yourself wondering if replacing your driveway is the right step to take for your home. After all, nobody likes the eyesore of cracked and broken concrete to be the first impression of their home when people arrive. The problem is that if you have never had to deal with a broken down driveway before, you may not know whether the driveway can be repaired or a replacement is necessary. On top of that, you are probably also unsure of what materials to use if you are going to replace your driveway. Get to know a few tips and get a bit of guidance on what you should do so you can be sure you are making the best choices for your home.

Examine the Extent of the Damage and Look for Spider Cracks

To determine if your driveway is repairable, you need to closely examine and assess the extent of the damage to your driveway. A few cracks scattered throughout your driveway, or even a pit or indentation (hole) could potentially be repaired using a concrete patching technique.

However, when there are what is known as spider cracks or spiderweb cracks in your driveway, the situation is different. These cracks all seem to emanate from a central location and go out in several directions, just like a spider web. It is next to impossible to patch or repair such cracks, as they will continue to splinter off and grow even after repairs have been attempted. In this case, you will want to hire concrete contractors to remove your old driveway and replace it with a new one.

Choose a Concrete Company that Will Recycle Your Old Driveway

If you are a person that cares about carbon footprints and the environment, there are ways to make your driveway replacement more eco-friendly. Concrete and asphalt driveways can be recycled if you would like. To ensure that this happens with your old driveway though, you will either need to find a recycling company yourself to haul off your old driveway or find a concrete company or contractor that will recycle your old driveway for you.

Consider Pervious Concrete for Your New Driveway

Pervious concrete is a material that many people do not know about consider when they are considering repaving their driveway. This is a form of concrete that has numerous environmental benefits as well as benefits to your landscaping design and the health of the plants in your yard.

Pervious concrete refers to a form of concrete with more open space than standard concrete. In other words, it is less dense than standard concrete. This reduced density is designed to allow water to soak into and through the concrete so that it does not contribute to wastewater runoff. A lack of runoff down your driveways means that the water from your driveway will not pick up contaminants that get carried into the water supply. Additionally, because the soil underneath your driveway will get some moisture, it will be healthier, making the rest of your soil and landscaping healthier as well.

These tips will help to give you guidance when your driveway is in disrepair so you can be sure you are doing what is right for your home and driveway.