Sick Of Sand Collecting In Your Beach House? Create This Easy Rinse Area For People To Use To Rinse Off Their Feet Before Coming

Having a vacation home at the beach provides you with the ability to get away from the stresses of life whenever you choose. When you have a beach house a huge dilemma that often occurs is sand being drug into the house as people come in from the beach. If you want to decrease the amount of sand that is tracked into your house, consider building an area behind your home that people can use to rinse off their feet before coming inside. The following guide walks you through the process for creating the rinse zone.

Choose the Right Location

The first thing you need to do is choose the right location for the rinse area. You need to be located in an area that has a path that goes directly from the area into the home so that people's feet do not get dirty again right after they clean them off. Positioning the zone next to a patio or driveway is often a great option.

Choose the Size of the Rinse Area

Next, you need to choose how large you want the area to be. Typically, only a few feet are needed to create a great rinse area for people to use. It provides them with enough space to move around and rinse their feet without taking up too much area in your yard.

Create a Frame

Use wooden planks to create a frame for the rinse area. You want to be sure that the planks are secured together with screws or nails so that they do not come apart when you pour the concrete into them.

Add the Concrete to the Frame

Purchase ready-mix concrete, such as from R. Pepin & Sons Inc., and mix it in a large bucket according to the directions on the bag. Pour the concrete into the frame that you created. Use a trowel to make the concrete slant slightly to one side so that water can easily drain out of the rinse area as people use it.

Create an Edge Around the Rinse Area

Once the concrete has hardened, remove the frame from around it. Use edging stones around the three sides of the rinse area to create a barrier to keep sand and dirt from blowing into it. You want to keep the side that is at the bottom of the slant open so that you can easily rinse sand out of the area after people finish washing off their feet.

The rinse area will not be expensive or difficult to do. You can often complete it within a few hours and it will decrease the amount of sand that gets into your house expediently.