A Quick Look At Three Reasons Why A Retaining Wall Would Be A Logical Property Addition

As a homeowner, there are all kinds of ways you will probably consider developing your property to raise its value or make it more efficient. If you are like most, the idea of installing a retaining wall will not be one of them. Retaining walls are often thought of as ornamental landscape features by unknowing property owners, but these concrete walls can serve some incredibly valuable purposes. Before you totally write off the idea that you will ever need a concrete wall contractor, take a quick look at these three reasons why having a retaining wall built on your property could be a good idea. 

Your home sits in an area where rockfall could be a problem. 

Your home may look charming seated at the base of a steep incline, such as a mountain or rocky hill, but your home being situated at the base of an incline can also mean it is in the direct path of falling debris if it ever happens. Building a retaining wall at the base of an incline to protect a home is a common practice, especially in areas where rock fall could be a problem. Rock fall can cause damage to your home and the retaining wall acts as a barrier between the house and the incline from which debris could fall. 

Your home is situated in a low-lying valley where flooding could be a problem. 

Valley homes are often prized for their picturesque settings. However, being situated between two inclines on either side of your home can also mean you are in an area that could see problems if major rain falls. The lower lying situation of your home means water from the surrounding inclines can wash down and put your home at risk. Retaining walls built with concrete and other materials to repel water can help direct the flow away from your home. 

Your property does not have a lot of usable land. 

If you have a home that is placed on property that is not all that flat, it can mean you really don't have a lot of usable space that can be used for gardening or even just outdoor relaxing. retaining walls are often installed on properties that do not have a lot of flat land because they can be placed and the area behind them then filled with soil and sod to create a flat surface area. 

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