Grout Care Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Looking Great

If your bathroom uses tile, grout is necessary for holding the tiles in place. However, it is a routine issue for homeowners to not give much thought to the grout that is in their bathrooms until it has already become severely damaged or dirty. Once this type of wear and tear has occurred, you may need to replace the grout in order to fully restore the appearance of the bathroom as well as ensure it is protected against water damage.

Clean The Grout 

Every few weeks, you will want to thoroughly clean the grout. The moisture-rich environment in the bathroom can make it easy for mildew to start growing in the grout. The mold will both severely weaken the grout while also contributing to it becoming discolored and stained. Unfortunately, some owners will not clean the grout because it can be a seemingly difficult task to do as many cleaning products will not be effective on this type of material.

Luckily, you can mix vinegar with water to create a highly effective and safe cleaning solution for your grout. After cleaning the grout, thoroughly rinse it so that you remove any vinegar that is left behind. Failure to rinse the grout can contribute to a sticky residue being left behind, which can accelerate the rate at which the grout becomes dirty.

Patch Any Damage To The Grout

If you ever notice that the grout has started to become chipped or cracked, you will want to act quickly to repair it. Grout is highly waterproof, and this is necessary for minimizing the risk of the bathroom suffering water damage. However, cracks and chips in the grout can allow water to seep under the tile, which can lead to rot developing. Fortunately, there are grout patch kits that can be purchased from home improvement stores, and these kits will contain all of the materials needed for patching minor grout damage.

Seal The Grout Every Few Years

While grout is an extremely waterproof material, it can still be prone to suffering staining. This can be particularly true for those that will regularly dye their hair or that use heavily pigmented shampoo and body wash products. To prevent the grout from absorbing these pigments, a protective sealant should be applied to the grout. This sealant will stop these pigments from coming into contact with the grout, but they will degrade due to the frequent moisture exposure. Regular applications of these sealants will be essential for keeping the grout protected against this type of discoloration.

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