Your Guide To Buying And Caring For A Concrete Pool Deck

To make your pool area as safe and durable as possible, you owe it to yourself to find the help of contractors that can give you a great pool deck. Concrete pool deck installation lets you upgrade your pool and is an excellent addition the yard. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about buying a new concrete pool deck and things you can do to maintain it. 

#1: Search for the right concrete installation professional

When looking to get a pool deck installed, it begins with finding credible pros who can show you their inventory and tackle all of the hard work. You can start by looking into pool contractor associations and other similar organizations that can help you find these professionals. Looking for the right price is an important matter to consider as well. A concrete pool deck installation might cost you between $3 per square foot and $15 per square foot, to include additional costs for materials. Use this price range as leverage to shop between different contractors, so that you can find an affordable price and excellent service. Ask about getting a warranty also so your pool deck is cared for over the years.

#2: Keep your pool deck as clean as possible

If you want your concrete pool deck to look great each and every day, do your best to keep it clean. Buying or renting a pressure washer and using a great cleaning solution can help you to get rid of algae, mold, stains and other problems. You can also regularly sweep the concrete pool deck to make sure that debris is not left untreated. It may be worth your while to bring in a concrete deck professional who can handle any sort of cleaning that might be useful to you.

#3: Treat your concrete to avoid future problems

Sealing your concrete pool deck is important, since your deck is situated so close to water. When you fail to seal the concrete, water can create long-term damage that is difficult to overcome without having to resurface the entire deck. Paying between $505 and $1100 is a great investment that can make your pool deck look great and serve you well. Make sure you find the help of a professional who is seasoned at sealing stamped concrete and other such surfaces.

Putting these three points to use will get you the concrete pool deck that you need.