Potholes In The Freeway Bugging You? How To Deal With Them Directly

Freeway repair is hit or miss these days. A state with too much money for infrastructure projects tends to spend it needlessly on high-rise style roadways rather than simple overpasses. A state with not enough money tends to spend it on city streets rather than freeways. While you can respect the fact that tough decisions have to be made about road and freeway repair, it really makes you wonder about the road construction in your own state when you roll over several potholes during your morning commute. If you get really tired of it, here are some ways you can deal with the potholes directly.

Contact the DOT to Report Hazardous Road Conditions

In many states you, as a resident and citizen, can report hazardous road conditions. By reporting these conditions, you draw attention to the problem so that these sections of road can be placed on a list of projects. In the meantime, the Department of Transportation (DOT) may send a crew out to temporarily fill the potholes with asphalt filler so that the potholes do not present a problem for motorists until the roads are fixed.

Write Your State Representatives and Governor 

If the roads are especially bad, write to your government representatives and state governor. Inform them how bad the roads are. If you are able, include pictures of the worst potholes (without getting out of your vehicle in heavy traffic, of course!). When the problem is brought to the attention of the ruling officials, they may be more inclined to do something about the budget for the infrastructure projects in your state.

Be a Little Cheeky and Plant Flowers in the Potholes

Some people decided to get a little cheeky about all of the potholes they have in their roadways in their states. Posts on social media show that these folks decided to fill the ignored potholes with potting soil and plant flowers. While this may not be possible under certain roadway conditions, it definitely gets the attention of the powers-that-be. It also tends to add a colorful and whimsical look to the long and dull stretches of faded asphalt that everyone travels everyday.

Fill in the Potholes with Quick-Drying Concrete Mix

If the holes are not filled within six months to a year of making a request that someone do something about the holes, buy a bag of quick-drying concrete. After the next rainstorm, and when traffic is almost non-existent, stir some of the powdery concrete into the rainwater in the holes. This fills the holes and patches them before anyone else can drive over them.

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