Create a Custom Walkway for Your Home With a Concrete Stone Mold

Creating a custom sidewalk is not overly difficult to do. If you want to create a sidewalk that looks like it is made with stones, but do not want to actually invest in the expensive stone, you can always make the sidewalk using ready-mix concrete and a stone mold that you can get at any home improvement store. The following guide walks you through the steps to take to make the concrete stone walkway for your home. 

Determine Where You Want the Walkway to Be Located

The first thing you need to do is you need to decide where you want the walkway to be located. You want to be sure that the layout of the walkway makes it easy for you to be able to walk to and from your driveway or the road.

Clear a Path and Smooth the Ground

Next, you need to create a path that you want the walkway to follow. Use a shovel to remove grass within the path and smooth the ground out so that it is as level as it can be. This will ensure that the stones that you create are roughly the same height so that they are easy to walk on when you are finished.

Mix the Ready-Mix Concrete

When you purchase the ready-mix concrete, it comes in a powder form in a large bag. Read the instructions on the bag to know the ratios of water and concrete that you need to mix to get the consistency that you want to get. It is best to mix the concrete in a large wheelbarrow so that you have plenty of room to work.

Create the Walkway

Place the stone mold onto the ground and make sure it is level. Scoop concrete into the mold to fill the openings with the concrete. Continue to fill the mold until all of the stone openings are full and then smooth it out on top with a trowel. You want to let the concrete sit for roughly ten to fifteen minutes so that it can set before you remove the mold. Pull the mold up away from the ground and you should see concrete stones in front of you. Repeat the process for the rest of the walkway.

Once the concrete stones have been created, you need to leave them to harden for a few days. Do not let anyone walk on them before they're hardened because they could collapse under the pressure.