The Settling Solution For Foundations In Soft Soils With Post-Tensioned Concrete

When your home is on soft soil, problems with settling are serious issues. Uneven settling problems can cause damage to the foundation and structure of your home. There are many different repairs that can be done to correct these problems, including tensioned concrete systems. Here are some of the ways that tensioned concrete is used to prevent and repair settling problems in soft soils:

1. New Construction and Post Tensioned Concrete Foundations

When building a new home on soft soils, such as in areas close to river deltas or with soft soils, tensioned concrete is often used. When the concrete foundation is installed, cables are placed in the concrete. After the concrete sets, tension is applied on the cables to make the foundation act as one solid block of concrete. This is what is called a post-tension concrete system and it helps to prevent uneven settling after the home is built and can save you from the repair headaches when settling causes structural damage.

2. Correcting Uneven Settling Problems with Tensioned Concrete and Piers

Uneven settling problems are common with homes in areas near wetlands or coastal regions. Cities like Houston, Texas were built over backfill, and as a home settles, the foundation, exterior and drywall can crack. There may also be hidden structural problems. First, to correct the damage; a foundation repair contractor will jack up the foundation and install piers. Once the damage has been repaired, tensioned concrete systems can be installed to stop the uneven settling problems.

3. Preventing Damage with A Retrofitted Tensioned Concrete System

There are also homes that are at risk of settling and structural problems. The problems may start with minor issues with foundations, such as leaks in a basement. When you have, your foundation repaired, you may want to talk with the contractor about installing a tensioned concrete system to prevent settling and the structural damage that these problems can cause. If you live in an area that is prone to settling as your home sinks into soft soil, retrofitting your foundation with tensioned concrete will prevent many costly repairs. 

These are some of the ways tensioned concrete systems can be used to stop problems with settling foundations in soft soils. Contact a concrete repair service and talk with them about tensioned concrete to deal with your settling foundation problems. The foundation repair contractor will be able to help with problems such as, settling, basement leaks and cracks on exterior walls.